Eat It Too


Brett is out for blood. Granted, she seems to have it all; a glamorous life as a Hollywood actress, jewels dripping off her every inch, men falling at her feet… But she’s full of fury, and it’s all directed at the boy-next-door who shattered her heart twelve years ago: Parker Wilcox. Now that she’s finally achieved superstardom, she’s ready to return to her small hometown and find retribution.

Parker still lives with his mom, and it’s not a peaceful place. Mrs. Wilcox berates him for losing yet another job, his uninsured wife (Nell) is afflicted with a myriad of mysterious illnesses, his little sister (Katie) has an unhealthy obsession with cutlery, and their house is about to be auctioned off in a foreclosure.

But then the American dream comes knocking on their door. Mrs. Wilcox welcomes Brett, her long-lost surrogate daughter, with open arms. Their worries seem to be over; she will give them all the money they need, and save them from destitution. But, Brett announces, there is just one catch: first they must murder Parker.

Of course, the family refuses the offer. They may be desperate, but they’re not amoral. And anyway, they are sure that Brett is just joking -- or acting. They all laugh it off -- except for Parker, who thinks it’s time for her to leave.

But Brett’s larger-than-life glamour has brought hope and vitality back into the family. Mrs. Wilcox giddily stays home from work to bake cakes with Brett. Katie is inspired to give up the drudgery of schoolwork and follow her dream of selling knives door to door. Even Nell is happy to have found a confidante who understands her marriage and believes in her assorted ailments.

The family cat turns up dead. There’s a knocking on the door, the phone is ringing off the hook – but no one wants to answer. Parker retreats farther and farther into his refuge; the treehouse in the backyard.

So what if Mrs. Wilcox has lost her job, Katie’s maxed out the credit cards, and Nell is pregnant? So what if the house will be auctioned off in a week? They barrel on, they plan an extravagant party. They deserve this happiness for once in their life, and anyway, Brett will surely be merciful and help them out in the end.

If you wanted something desperately, and were cloaked in the anonymity of group action, how far would you go? How much could you justify? Eat It Too is a dark and twisted comedy that explores the fine line between the American dream and the American nightmare.

4 W, 1 M, 120 minutes.