Reviews of Jennifer Barclay's Clearing Hedges

at the San Francisco Festival Fringe, 2003

This woman could wind up a big star. She exhibits enormous talent as she effortlessly segues from one character to the next. Her characters are all rich and complex and completely different from one another. It is quite something to see someone create a Texas belle one moment, a fat Greek former athlete the next. This is a highly entertaining show. Go see it.
Reviewer: Ingrid

Wow! Ms. Barclay does an amazing job of portraying an amazing woman - in addition to giving us a great insight into what made Babe the way she was. She does this by also playing several of Babe's key people in her life. The changes in character and the pace keep you on the edge of your seat. Ms. Barclay's great energy, humor and strength make this most enjoyable (and educational).
I came out of that play wanting to know more about Babe, so I too looked her up. This is one play well worth seeing!
Reviewer: Cathy Powell

Wow! Jennifer can do a lot in 60 minutes! I read the reviews about the pro-golfer and thought 'hmmmm - might be boring.' no way! i left being totally intrigued by this incredible female athlete Babe Didrickson. Jennifer draws you in brilliantly so you are hooked on the character's life development. Her character portrayals are strong and there are no gaps. You feel like you need a breath of air to keep up as she switches between characters. The ending leaves you wanting more and inspired me to look up Babe on the internet to find out how her story ends. Very, very well done!
Reviewer: Julie

An excellent solo performer, an engaging story and well-varied character work. The show needs to give the audience a chance to breathe and take it in. There 's also an opportunity for improvement in the character transitions, the director's flaw, not the fabulous actress'. Solo show worth seeing
Reviewer: TLerner

good solid show. i am recommending it. yes, it's about a pro golfer (and an olympian and an amazingly driven woman). who knew i would learn something? i was so intrigued and surprised that i hadn't heard of this person, that i looked babe up on the internet the very next day. jennifer gives a strong solo performance. would not be surprised if this is in 'best of fringe' later.
Reviewer: cj

Jennifer Barkley is an amazing actor performing in a well written piece that has the audience engaged and amazed. This is the 8 show I've seen at the Fringe and it's the best so far.
I'll bet this show is selected as one of the "Best of the Fringe" and goes on to be a big success in other locations as well!
Reviewer: Nancy

A strong script, and brilliant, flawless acting - a perfect show.
Reviewer: Mia

DO NOT MISS this amazing piece of of acting by Jennifer Barclay, in which she portrays Babe Didrickson, infamous female athlete of the 1932 Olympics and beyond. Not only does Barclay portray Babe, but also her sister, mother, close friend Betty Dodd, and piggish husband George. It's a physically demanding piece, and one that Barclay perfoms with intelligence, humor, and sensitivity. The woman's done her homework, and her passion for the subject matter is obvious. Can you tell I loved it?
Reviewer: Dida Kutz

Jennifer Barclay plays,no, she becomes Babe Didrikson Zaharias (and is a babe, but I degress!), in this one woman show about the 20th century's most dominant female athlete. Barclay captures the Babe's confidence/spirit of a woman who had one goal, to be the best at whatever she chose to compete in, as the performance "covers" abut 3 decades of Babe's life. Barclay easily morphs into other important individuals in Babe's life as well. A fast moving production that you wish would last longer. You may think, "gosh, this Beaumont, Texas, athlete has an ego," but to paraphrase another athlete of that era, "if you can do it, it ain't braggin'" The production hints (not probes), at some of the controversy in Babe's life. Touching and humorous, Clearing Hedges is well worth seeing.
Reviewer: Darryl Henry