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Page updated: 04/20/2010

With my elegant Tablescape Collection, I invite you to join me in the creative process!

I’ve designed a series of luscious botanical forms in porcelain that lend themselves to playful and charming arrangements. With such a delicious selection, you can choose a grouping of pieces that you love, and create a unique table top tableau each time you rearrange these jewel-like porcelain sculptures.

Since I'm never one to resist the urge to add more detail, you will delight in the complexity and subtlety of the shapes, colors and surface textures. You will find that even a single piece can bring beauty to the smallest space; it can fit in a powder room, on a ledge in the kitchen, or on a corner of the desk. And each of these treasures is just the right size to savor its intricacies as you cradle it in the palm of your hand!