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I see my folded porcelain forms as freezing a moment of fluidity. Each piece involves rolling out thin sheets of porcelain, coaxing the clay into soft folds, and tending the work through weeks of careful drying, burnishing, and carving. The last steps of glazing and firing finally yield the finished piece.

You'll enjoy the ease of arranging flowers in my vases -- the folds catch the stems and create a lovely floral display almost automatically. My vases are sturdier than you might imagine. They may be cleaned in a dishwasher, or by soaking in a mild bleach solution or even in a denture cleaning solution.
Over the years, I have been pleased to earn numerous awards with my porcelain forms. My works are shown at galleries and museums throughout the United States and are included in many public and private collections. I created a large porcelain wall sculpture for the Corning Glass Works Executive Club and pieces from my folded vase series, along with other works, have been exhibited at the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery.
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