2001 Esquire Award for Short Fiction
2003 Jack Kerouac Writer in Residence
2005 Hawthornden Writer's Fellowship



Thanks for visiting my page. I'm a British American writer from Burnley in the Disunited Kingdom.

I've had short stories published in numerous places including Esquire Magazine and several anthologies. You can read some of them by clicking on the links in the box on the left.

Lots of people have given me help and support along the way and I'm grateful to them all, in particular my friends and family and the people at West Midlands Arts, who've supported me with a couple of grants over the years.

Thanks also go out to The Kerouac House who put me up for three months in 2003 and allowed me to write my first novel in the house where Jack lived.

I must also thank Hawthornden Writers Fellowship for giving me a room in their castle outside Edinburgh. While there I met my future wife and completed the first draft of my new book Disorganized Crime which is available from Amazon.

Lately, I've begun to write picture books for my kids, Sierra and Blaise. They are a tough, rambunctious crowd.

All the best,

Andrew Barclay Newsham

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